Our research aims at understanding the link between computations in nervous systems and natural behavior.

We investigate highly-specialized neural circuits that evolved in animals to carry specific functions. These allow us to investigate the biophysical and physiological mechanisms that nervous systems have resorted to in order to implement specific computations. Most of our experiments are performed in songbirds, a beautiful model to link brains and the learning and production of a highly-precise complex motor skill: singing. Birdsong is fascinating: it is culturally transmitted and it has known ecologically-relevant functions, that we study in their natural social context. We study their nervous systems at multiple levels, from synapses, cells and networks to the communication between brain regions.

The lab is located in the Section of Neurobiology, Department of Biology (Munich University, LMU) where I am assistant professor, and associate Faculty at Munich Graduate School for Systemic Neurosciences. I am also associated to the department of Manfred Gahr at the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology (‘Biological Intelligence’ in foundation).

We are very open to collaborations, if your interests resonate with ours and you would like to have fun doing science with us, and if you are a Bachelor or Masters student interested in doing an internship in the lab, please contact us at alcami@bio.lmu.de!

Find us on twitter! @neuro_pepe